The key to fast and pain-free waxing is all down to the expertise of the therapist and the quality of the wax used. At Siam Majestic our therapists have years of experience and will give you smooth, long-lasting results.

With our beautiful, relaxing surroundings and light refreshments at the end of your treatment, we make your treatment something to look forward to, and not just a chore to be done.

Siam Majestic uses 3 types of high quality waxing techniques – strip wax for larger areas, hot wax for sensitive areas, and we are experts at sugar wax.

Unlike normal waxing, the sugar paste does not stick to the skin, but has the benefit of removing dead skin cells in the process.  There is little or no discomfort during or after treatment, and the sugar paste can be applied at room temperature.  Sugaring is a great option for removing hair from large areas at a time.